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Freshly growing artist Logan Thomas, from the small town of Richmond Hill, Georgia, has erupted onto the indie pop music scene. Recently signing with Blossom Records, Logan has expanded his career into becoming one of the hottest players in the indie pop world.

With songs like his latest release "Too Young", mixed by OK Go drummer Dan Kanopka, and his previously released single "One More Chapter", Logan forges a sound that crosses top 40 pop with true indie soul. Logan's emotive guitar playing adds a unique element of authenticity to his songs, reminding listeners of what a young John Mayer would sound like if he came of age in today's music industry.

In "One More Chapter", Logan sings "there's always one more chapter, no it's never happily ever after", which is a perfect metaphor for his development and values as an artist. Logan's music is down-to-earth yet uplifting, inspiring listeners to be present in the moment and embrace both the good and the bad in their life.

Playing shows all over the United States since the age of 14, Logan has performed everywhere from Red Rocks to The Masquerade. From fronting pop-punk band Pariah to playing guitar in rock band Me and the Trinity, Logan's diverse musical background has helped him develop into one of the leading indie pop artists in the state of Georgia.

If you love heart, soul, and radio hits, Logan Thomas brings the sound of all three to every listener, live or through your speakers.



Email: logan@loganthomasmusic.com
Phone: (678) 756-7263
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Music Mass


As a co-owner of 4 Art festivals in Colorado, one of the best things that happened this year (2019) was stumbling upon Logan Thomas:

In April, I was at a Sunday brunch in Fort Collins Co: listening to a family friend, sing during her live set: Logan joined her for a few duets: He was strong vocally, comfortable are at the mic and talented: I knew immediately we needed him to sing at one or more of our events in the fall:

Logan sang at our OpenAir 150 event on September 7th: Approximately 600 guests attended our outdoor art festival: Logan sang two sets which included 30 minutes with The Wendy Woo Band:

Logan was terrific: We had so many positive comments about Logan from our artists and guests: It was a beautiful day, a successful event and we could not have been more pleased with Logan’s contributions:

We love Logan and his music so much that he is singing at two more events for us in November: I know our 4,000 guests will be thrilled to hear him and his music



Logan Thomas is the one of the best things to hit the Colorado music scene in decades. His talented, upbeat style will woo the girls and let you reminisce through the tasteful covers and heart telling originals. Go see Logan Thomas play and fall in love.



Logan did an amazing show and made my our 25th anniversary party a night to remember! He even learned the song we danced to at our wedding for us. Logan is an outstanding musician with a bright future ahead of him and we were truly honored to have him play at 25th really look forward to catching more of his shows. " Thank You"



Logan played for my wife’s birthday party. His playlist was great, but his performance was excellent. He had great vocals and is a skilled guitarist. The guests had a great time and were all thoroughly impressed. I would highly recommend him!

Power Chord


Fantastic performance! He made me feel comfortable with everything. Quick response. Very professional. Amazing talent! I would highly recommend him! I even hired a professional to video tape everything and they forgot to capture the sound. He offered to record himself and send it to them so they can add it to the video they made for us!!! Everything at the event told me how great he sounded during it. So happy I hired him!

Play It


Had an excellent experience with Logan. He did an amazing job for my proposal to my girlfriend (now fiance). #shesaidyes. Lol Logan was very professional, on time, punctual and great prices. Tyvm Logan for helping us with live music and being a part of our special day.



Great performer, very professional, and always brings energy and positivity to every performance and interaction. This is the guy you need for events/shows!



Logan Thomas is a talented musician and an excellent businessman. He brings quality and professionalism to the stage and connects with his audience in a personal and genuine way.



He is one of the best musicians I’ve heard in a while. When he sings and plays you can tell it’s from the heart which is quite refreshing. If you haven’t had the Logan Thomas experience yet I would highly recommend seeking it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Power Chord


Logan performed at my wedding and wowed all of our guests. With such a large repitoir of music, from covers to originals, he stole the show. Having that intimate touch really made the night one step above special, giving my wife and I a beautiful back track to dance to.

Play It


Great range and variety. Very personable and friendly. He sets a great mood for any venue!



Our son, Shane, took guitar lessons from Logan for about a year in middle school. Logan went out of his way to learn whatever song Shane requested. He has vast musical experience and is an excellent teacher. He also has a great personality and a wonderful ability to relate to people. We highly recommend Logan Thomas!

Music Mass


The guitar lessons Logan gave me have been a tremendous help in my understanding of not only guitar but music in general. He gave me the tools to understand the guitar deeper and when I hit a problem he gave me the tools to overcome it. A mark of a good teacher is teaching the tools to succeed, not teaching success itself. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to learn from and know Logan, it's enhanced my musical journey and helped me see where I can take it.